Treatment Plant Upgrade

Sunriver Environmental is pleased to announce that its major treatment plant facility upgrade has been completed in the fall of 2023.


In November 2019, Sunriver Environmental listened to the questions and concerns that were voiced at the Sunriver Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant public meeting. We also reviewed comments provided in writing, as well as additional comments we received via email. Please know that we value your input, and your specific concerns regarding odor, noise, and aesthetics have been taken into consideration during the ongoing design process.


Below is a summary of the improvements that have been completed at our wastewater treatment plant, along with a visual application that may be used to view progress as changes are made.


  • Significant technical improvements were made to the new headworks’ odor reduction system since it is a major source of odor.

  • To better accommodate the transfer of raw sewage into the facility for screening and grit removal, the headworks is expected to be relocated to the north of the existing Headworks.
  • There will always be negative pressure in the headworks, which pulls odors into the odor control system instead of allowing them to escape to the outside.
  • All screenings will now be washed, compacted and loaded inside the Headworks building. Currently screenings are washed, compacted and loaded from dumpster to open truck, which allows odors to escape.
  • The secondary clarifiers (two round tanks), located near the pathway at West Cascade and Topflite, are another current source of odors. These clarifiers will be cleaned out and taken out of service, which will significantly reduce odors in these areas.
  • The new generator will be located east of the new aeration basins. The generator is required by DEQ  to ensure the plant operates properly and doesn’t overflow during an emergency situation, like a power outage.
  • The generator will be fully enclosed which will significantly dampen the noise.
  • To further minimize noise, the generator will be exercised at partial power during weekday work hours once a month, and will operate at full load during emergency situations only.
  • New aspen trees will be added north and west of the new Headworks Building, and a new cedar or similar-type fence will be installed to help screen the Headworks from roads and pathways.
  • The perimeter trees will be preserved to screen the Headworks Building from West Cascade Road and Topflite Road.